Follow the process of creating a painting from your photo

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Painting Process

Step 1

Fine weave canvas triple primed with sandable acrylic gesso. Copy of drawing is transferred with dark brown soft pastel rubbed on the back then traced with a hard pencil. Drawing is fixed with spray fixative.

Step 2

A medium made up of two parts Gamsol and one part Drying Linseed Oil is applied to entire canvas by scrubbing in with a large bristle brush and then wiped away with a lint free cloth. Paint is thinned with medium made up of two parts Gamsol and one part Drying Linseed Oil. Now, he puts the paint right over the sketch into the areas of each color, carefully and precisely without crossing the boundaries.

Step 3

At this point, the main effort is to produce strong placement and gesture of shapes and volumes. An artist can achieve this by experimenting with gray and white paint.

Step 4

Warm and cool colors are added to this local color.

Step 5

Painting was oiled out with medium by scrubbing on with a bristle brush and wiped away. The same background color was added with less medium.

Step 6

Same process of adding color to the face is done with the shirt.